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Istanbul Eats – Turkish Food Tour

Rating: 5 paws out of 5 Note: 9am-3pm, food is included in the price of the tour Location: Istanbul Turkey Link to tour: Oh this ferret has traveled across the pond again.  How did we end up in Istanbul, Turkey, well it a long possibly a boring story, but this story of our food […]


Steam Whistle Brewery Tour Review

Rating: 5 paw out of 5 Spent: $10 Note: Not offered in the states.  I wish it ships from Canada. Location: Toronto Canada This ferret was able to sneak across the border in the a new land far far away.  This guy heard one of the best places in Canada to go to is […]


Brooklyn Brewery Tour

Rating: 2 paw out of 5 for tour 3 paw out of 5 for the place Spent: free tour Note: Tours are only on weekends from 12PM – 4PM.  Rating is just for the tour not beer. Location: Brooklyn, NY This ferret love tours, it gives an insight to how the inner workings of […]