About this Ferret

What is the hungry ferret all about?  Well it’s simple, the Hungry Ferret is looking for good food wherever it may be located. I pledge that plate after plate I will look for the best of the best from the hole in the wall dining to the fancy joints.  It is the Hungry Ferret’s duty to show where you the reader are the best places to eat!

Also I will do my best to scope out the best events and food products around New York to help you become a foodie.

The method / rules for rating food on the Hungry Ferret is very simple.

1. If the  specialty of the restaurant is known it is always ordered.   Basically if  the restaurant is a master of doughnuts, doughnuts are ordered.

2. Usually a small cross section of different dishes and items are ordered along with the specialty item. The Hungry Ferret will only comment on food that he/she has tasted.

3. All photos of the food on this site are taken by the Hungry Ferret at the restaurant. This is done as discreetly as possible. Stock photos or photos from other sources are never used.

4. The restaurant is never notified that they are being reviewed. The reason for this is obvious, I want all the readers to get the same experience.  Of course I do not accept free food or gifts of any kind related to the food review.  If they comped something of mine for whatever reason, I will state it.

5. Sometimes the Hungry Ferret might be on a slight diet or budget.  So a review may be multiple visits to build up a good sense of the quality of food.

The Rating System:

1 Paw
I believe the kitchen is just a microwave and freezer full of frozen dinners that went bad. How is this place able to stay in business, it gotta be a front?

2 Paws
You can probably do better, but too lazy to try.   This place is not really made for eating.  It may just a cool place to hang out and you can go somewhere else to eat.  I probably won’t come here to eat again.

3 Paws
Good Food! Now we are getting somewhere.   It is not bad, gets the job done without hurting this ferret’s taste buds.  Could eat this often and not feel bad about it.

4 Paws
Very Good – Place for special occasions and small get to get together events.

5 Paws
Wow, the mutant rating, exceptional!  I would take people to this place to impress people.

5 Paws and a Tail
The best of the best.  You can upgrade to this rating, only after a large amount of the same type of restaurant has been reviewed on this site.