Living with a Dart – Day 1

Posted by Scott on January 25th, 2013

Day 1
What luck within 24 hours after picking up my brand new 2013 Dodge Dart, it starts to snow.  Fortunately this first snow of the season is just an quarter of an inch after getting off work.  This review is about 250 miles on the car.  I had about 140 miles when I picked up the car and added the 100 on my own today.

The Rallye is currently equipped with 17 inch rims with stock Continental ContiProContact Grand Touring All-Season tires.  With the combination of Traction Control and front wheel drive, the car smash the level 1 test.  Getting past the light layer of ice and snow on the hill near my home was no challenge.

Coming from a 2003 Mini Cooper S, it takes some getting use to.  The first thing I had to adjust to is the clutch.  The clutch on the Mini is much heavier but has much more engine feedback.  The Dart’s clutch is extremely light as most modern cars are but it is a very muted connection to the car.  On the Mini I was able to feel that the car need a little more gas or the car whispering in my ear shift please.  Adjustment is hard, maybe I can hear the voice of the Dart.  I usually catch the name of the car to get to know him/her, gotta wait a bit for the car to tell me his/her name.  Maybe the Dart will open up and introduce him/herself by next week.

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