Thomas’s Ham N Eggery Restaurant Review

Posted by Scott on February 16th, 2011

Thomas's Ham N Eggery Diner
Rating: 4 paws out of 5
Spent:.  $15 per person
Chain: No.
Date Friendly: Breakfast after the date : )
Note: Cash Only, lines may be long during weekend brunch.
325 Old Country Rd
Carle Place, NY 11514
(516) 333-3060

Days of the eggeries and local diners might come to an end,  mass market Ihops, Denny’s, and others from the cloning machine are slowly taking over the breakfast market.  But fear not, this ferret discovered a great place with his nose.  Can this ferret find the right tasty yolk?

Thomas's Ham N Eggery Diner

Steak and Eggs with a side of hash.  The classic big breakfast dish among diners and eggeries.  Thomas’s cut is thin, so there is not much difference between, well, medium and rare since they cook the steak with a nice crust.  The exterior taste is of a Worcester like flavor.  The hash browns on the side comes plain and does require some help from ketchup, egg yolks or salt and pepper.  You guys should know the drill.

Thomas's Ham N Eggery Diner

Stuff Cranberry French Toast is one sweet treat.  The cranberry with the cream cheese filling, sandwiched between two pieces of bread dipped in a batter, is one tart treat that screams yum.  Since the filling is pretty strong and moist, it doesn’t really require the usual additive of syrup and butter.  But some may want the extra kick of sweetness.

Thomas's Ham N Eggery Diner
Thomas’s Scambles Omelettes also comes in a skillet which is a nice touch.  The scrambled eggs were very fluffy, mixed “Mexican chorizo sausage, jalapenos and jack cheese.  A squirt of ketchup sure hits the spot with this dish.

Thomas's Ham N Eggery Diner

Corn Beef Hash, this is a magical combination that pleases many people.  There is the right amount of meat with hash with this dish.  The salty and crustiness of the dish is perfect.

Thomas's Ham N Eggery Diner

Pork Chop and Eggs with hash on the side.  The pork chop is very flavorful and juicy.  This is not the traditional dry or overly fatty pork chop.  This pork chop is probably the best dish here.  The combination of eggs and hash on the side makes for a  very satisfying morning meal.

Thomas's Ham N Eggery Diner

Lemonade, here is fresh tasting and tart with a touch of sweetness.

Thomas's Ham N Eggery Diner

Chili Cheese Fries, the fries were cooked to a very crispy exterior texture with a soft fluffy potato inside.  The crispy exterior is able to resist the soggy making of the chili.  The spicy chili and smooth cheese mixed with the fries, created a perfect combination to hit the spot.

Thomas's Ham N Eggery Diner

Chicken Sausage and Biscuit Eggs Benedict made with biscuits, tomato, chicken sausage, poach eggs and topped with hollandaise sauce and a side of hash browns.  The chicken sausage is lean, the tomato, soft poached eggs, and hollanadaise helps with leanness of the meat.  Have to be careful with this one, it might not be the liking of many people, but it is a heather choice.

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  1. having breakfast here is a special treat. the corned beef hash is made from fresh corned beef [not the canned junk]. The servings are adequate enough for you to say that you are satisfied, [and who wants to feel bloated after eating?]. They might not be as “johnny on the spot” with refilling your coffee, but if that is my only complaint, i give Thomas’s an A+

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