Jin Mi BBQ Korean Restaurant

Posted by Scott on February 20th, 2011

Jin Mi BBQ Restaurant
Rating: 3 paws out of 5
Spent:.  $30 per person
Chain: No.
Date Friendly: Yes.
Note: Uses real charcoal vs gas.
41-17 Union Street
Queens, NY 11355
(718) 461-0363

Ah grilled meat, a obsession for this ferret.  There is so many places to try and so little time to try them all.  This BBQ places uses charcoal which is believed to bring out the best flavors in the meat and the sugars.  Hopefully, this guy won’t get burnt.

Jin Mi BBQ Restaurant
Interior of the restaurant is nicely decorated.  There are some nice accents throughout the place that makes it more interesting than usual.

Jin Mi BBQ Restaurant
Menu is small for a Korean restaurant, but they generally carry the standard fare you would expect from a Korean restaurant.

Jin Mi BBQ Restaurant

Jin Mi BBQ Restaurant

Standard starters from a Korean restaurant, Seaweed, kim chi, soy beans, bean sprout, which was all very tasty.

Jin Mi BBQ Restaurant
Scaillon and onion salad that normally go with BBQ meats was fresh and oniony.  The lettuce wrap pieces were very fresh plentiful.  The service was good, the lettuce, bean paste, and scallion salad were refilled often.

Jin Mi BBQ Restaurant
Raw Meat Pork and Beef Bulgogi.  The meat that they serve here is diamond cut.  There is a crisscross pattern of half cuts into the meat.  I believe it is to tenderizing it.

Jin Mi BBQ Restaurant
Due to the cuts in the meat, the pork and beef were very tender.  The meat was also very juicy from the marinate.  The sweet and savoriness from the meat tasted really well.  Also this place uses real charcoal, there is a more distinct smokey grill flavor in the meat.

Useful tips: The charcoal is really hot and you can sometimes feel it under the table.  The exhaust of the grill underneath is not heavily shielded.  Basically wear pants or you might feel a bit roasted.

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