Sal, Kris, & Charlie’s Deli Review

Posted by Scott on January 17th, 2011

Sal Kris and Charlie

Rating: 5 paws out of 5
Spent:.  $ per person
Chain: No.
Date Friendly: No, it just a Deli.
Note: The sandwiches are huge
33-12 23rd Ave
Astoria, NY 11102
(718) 278-9240

This ferret always wanted to meet royalty and one of them was in Astoria.  The sandwich king of Astoria proudly displayed in front, well show your loyal subjects how merciful you can be.  Hmm.. on a second though this ferret definitely didn’t see any royal guards, it probably their day off.

Sal Kris and Charlie

Interior has  no seating, oh pooh.  Well it probably crazy ass pack with all the crazy people that want their sandwiches.

Sal Kris and Charlie

Italian Combo contains various itialian meats such as salami, pepperoni, pastrami, and mortadella, provolone, and veggy dressing such as lettuce, tomato, and red peppers.  This sandwich is very good.   The combination of all the ingredients say in Italian, get out of here.   After having this sandwich, I though this probably can’t get any better.

Sal Kris and Charlie

Well….. meet it getting better.  The Bomb  hero with pretty much every meat they probably carry such as salami, pepperoni, roast beef, ham, turkey, pastrami, mortadella, chicken, various cheese like American & provolone cheese and dressing such as lettuce, onions, peppers etc!  There is too many to remember.  I was too busy enjoying and imagining what sandwiches in heaven would taste like.  All the flavors of the dozen of meats are perfect and else works with it, I don’t believe any ingredient was just there to be there.  Each had a purpose and it was serving it.

Also as a FYI, these sandwiches are HUGE.  I think they are 13 inches each and they are not a weak sauce subway sandwich.  Pretty much 2-3 people might be able to easily share this sandwich from heaven.

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