Hunan House Restaurant

Posted by Scott on October 29th, 2010

Hunan House

Rating: 2 paws out of 5
.$10 per person
Date Friendly:
Yes, if ya like it hot.  Food here is spicy. 
Did I mention it has spicy food here.

137-40 Northern Blvd
Flushing, NY 11354
(718) 353-1808

Oh Chinese cuisine has always been a weakness of this guy.   A country so large and vast tend to have many complex styles and traditions within their food.  These styles and traditions has been passed down from generation to generation and have travel all over the world.  New York has always a very popular stop of many different types of Chinese food.  The hunan dishes tend to have whole dried chili peppers and long marinated meats and stews.  Hopefully this hungry ferret won’t past out from the heat stroke.

Hunan House

The place had a nice interior.  It was very clean and not tacky.  There was plenty of space between the tables in the restaurant.

Hunan House

They gave us a free starter of various pickled vegetables.  It was a different and welcome change of the typical peanuts.

Hunan House

Soup Dumplings was ok, it was not special especially since there are many other place with much better soup dumplings in the area.  They had a strange sweetness to them.  Aren’t these things suppose to be savory?

Hunan House
Lamb with cumin was good here.  The lamb had good flavor with a light touch of smokiness.  It had a similar taste to the street vendor BBQ carts within the Flushing area.  The lamb was cut into thin strips, some pieces have a gristle chewiness to them.  To warn /encourage you,  there is a lot of hot peppers in this dish.  I would have to say that 1/6 of the dish consisted of hot peppers.

Hunan House
Mao pao tofu here was a vegetarian kind.  There was no meat in the dish, which is ok.    The problem with the dish though is just only had one note.   There were no layers of flavor that many other places have.

Hunan House
Chicken Casserole dish was not enjoyable for me.  The problem with this dish was that it was hard to eat and overly spicy for the contents in the dish.  The chicken that they used was mostly dark meat with bones.  The problem with the bones was they chopped up the chicken jagged edges.  There were also lots of loose bones in the dish with jagged edges.  There also wasn’t much meat in the dish.

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2 Responses to “Hunan House Restaurant”

  1. Hunan House is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. I’ve been there almost 3 dozen times, so I’m a bit surprised by your 2 stars rating. However, that is expected based on what you ordered.

    Soup dumplings are a Shanghai thing. Mapo dofu is a Sichuan dish. I wouldn’t order these at a Hunan restaurant (it’s too bad that they actually offer these dishes). And I usually avoid the casseroles here for some reason.

    There really are some outstanding dishes available though and I’d suggest returning for those. For instance: Whole fish with pickled chilies, smoked duck with white peppers and dried turnips, eggplant with green beans, dried fried loach, chicken with peppers. Just ask for real Hunanese dishes (but avoid the “casseroles” though). Yes, most of it is spicy. The Hunan people are afraid of bland food.

  2. Hi Joe,

    I will do a revisit on this place in the near future. Well part of the experience is, if the dish doesn’t shine here, they shouldn’t recommend it either. I will try the those dishes recommended.

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