The Great Hotdog Cook off Event Review

Posted by Scott on August 4th, 2010

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff, 5th Annual

Rating: 5 paw out of 5
Spent: ~ $35 per person
Note: Unlimited Beer and Hot dogs, highly recommended

When this guy heard about a great festival of processed meat, he couldn’t resist.  Plus adding to positive karma, it was for the charity called City Harvest.  This was pretty much a done deal.  Being in New York City, one doesn’t get to attend block parties and seeing people strut their best stuff.  This was an event where 20 challengers come out and tries to best each other to be the big Alpha Top Dog.  Calling all Chefs!  Fire up your grills and show me your stuff!

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff, 5th Annual

This event was limited by the number of people that can attend.  ~300 attendees for 2 rounds of 10 booths (15:1) (20 different booths), 2 beer taps and 1 water spout for drinking.  Also as an important side note of any event, 2 bathrooms with running water and 2 porta potties.  All the resources including volunteers are within the limitations of the event.  With two beer taps flowing with some tasty beer, that alone is worth the $35 price tag.  Due to the limited number of tickets, they go fast on their website once on sale.

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff, 5th Annual

Kelso brewery one of the sponsors, the pilnser with a slight bitter taste was a good match to the spicy hot dogs and the wheat is a good match for the others.  The also provided full size cups that were more than adequate to wet your whistle.  They were not mini tasting glasses for the beer.

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff, 5th Annual

The hot dogs were provided by Hummel Bros.  These hot dogs were quite tasty and seems to be easily manipulated to some fancy dogs.

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff, 5th Annual

Another sponsor, Adirondack Creamery was on site with a large supply of  frosty treats.  All the various flavors were great and helped with a slightly warm day.

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff, 5th Annual

As a bonus, you got Mr. George Duran.  I remember him from Food Network’s show Ham on the Street.  Ah the memories.

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff, 5th Annual

I was “lucky” being picked as a judge, which was fun till we got to the 10-11th tasting.  As each one passed it got harder and harder.  The scoring for “best of show” was based on the 1-10 scores (10 being the best).  The “Best working dog” and “toy dog” categories are write ins.  The experience was fun and got to meet some nice people.

Below are some of my favorites as a judge.  *The majority of the descriptions are from the website.

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff, 5th Annual

Pickles to the Slaw-ter
Winner: Best In Show
An all-beef Hummel hot dog topped with Spicy Slaw, Deep Fried Pickle Chips, and a Remoulade Sauce.

This one was my favorite out of the bunch.  The flavors and textures were well balanced, having slaw on the bottom also made a difference.  It was much easier to get to a bite of all the toppings without being all over the place.  This was a well composed hotdog!

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff, 5th Annual

The Old Country Brooklyner
Winner: Best Working Dog
A pretzel bread hot dog with kraut and German mustard.  You can’t go wrong with classics.

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff, 5th Annual

El Perrito Misterioso
Winner: Best Toy Dog

El Perrito Misterioso knows no master. It will defy your ideas of what a hot dog can be.

This one was basically a monster arepa.  Very tasty, loved the white cheese!

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff, 5th Annual

The Sanchize Dog

Winner: Beta Dog

A dog named in honor of the team’s young qb, Mark Sanchez (who also has been known to enjoy a dog on the sidelines himself).

This dog was very good, the guacamole was perfect and the texture form the tortilla strips and onions were a perfect compliment.

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff, 5th Annual

Hawaii 5-0
Fiery spiced pork dog with a pineapple slaw and a mornay sauce.

This one really is spicy and not just promises of one.  Fiery throughout the entire experience start to finish with a touch of sweetness. Nice job guys!

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff, 5th Annual

The Cucumber Curry Dog
The most refreshing hot dog ever conceived, with a kiss of curry mayo, fresh herbs from my rooftop, frizzled shallots, and a cool, just-in-season cucumber “bun” from local farms.

This hot dog really was refreshing even with curry.  Flavors were excellent.  Remind me of calm beach.

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff, 5th Annual

Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes
Winner: Top Dog/Audience Fav
All beef hot dog with fresh mozzarella and classic basil pesto wrapped in Prosciutto di Parma. Topped with delicious garlic and oil pasta, fresh grated parmesan cheese and the most delicious fish any kid would love.

This one had everything including the kitchen sink.  We like kitchen sinks, they hold a lot of stuff well!

Also visit my flickr to see more pictures.  You can do so by clicking on any of the pictures above.

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