Pringles Cravers Onion Blossom Review

Posted by Scott on May 21st, 2010

Pringles Cravers Onion Blossom

Rating: 1 paw out of 5
Spent: ~ $2
Location of Acquisition: Pathmark,  Whitestone NY

Oh what  a treat to find, a chip with a unique flavor that reminds me of the Outback.  Is it possible that, I no longer had to journey to such a place down under, or pull out the mega huge deep fryer.  Will this be a wonderful dream that comes true or will it a hold a dark nightmare.

This chip did not taste very good.  It was overly salty and had unfavorable horseradish sauce taste.  It was a pretty big disappointment because I was expecting the Pringles masters to be able to reproduce that wonderful Blooming Onion experience.  They flavor scientist were not very successful with this flavor and I am recommending that you stick with the classics on these Pringles chips.

Pringles Cravers Onion Blossom

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