Ajisen Ramen Review

Posted by Scott on November 24th, 2009

Ajisen Ramen, Flushing

Rating: 2.5 paws out of 5
Spent: $10 per person
Chain: Yes
Date Friendly: Quick Hangout
Note: They call out the numbers in the front with a bullhorn.  Might be annoying to sit in the front of the counter in the food court.
Queens Crossing Mall
38-10 138th St, 1st Fl
Flushing, NY 11354
(212) 267-9680


While roaming the street of Flushing.  This hungry ferret was attracted to the shiny lights of a new building called the Queens Crossing Mall.  Within this mall there was a interesting shop in the food court serving some Japanese Ramen.  Since it from Japan, lets give it a shot, hopefully, I won’t pay dearly for this import.

Pork Dumplings were well cooked and pre soy sauced on the plate.  There wasn’t really anything special about them.  I suspect they are of the frozen kind.

Tenderous Rib Ramen was interesting.  In the sense that the broth was very white.  There is a slight layer of oil in the broth also.  I needed to add a couple of shakes of the seasoning jar to enjoy the taste of the broth.  The noodle was firm, I generally prefer a softer fresher tasting noodle, but it wasn’t bad.  There portions are majority noodle / broth and smaller portion of vegetable / meat.  This is typical of Japanese ramen dishes so don’t be surprised.  The rib was fatty and tasted good, but there was just two pieces and 1/2 an egg.

Beef SukiYaki Ramen had the same noodle, broth and vegetables as the Tenderous Rib Ramen.  It is basically a cookie cutter menu for all the ramens.  The only difference are the meat and combinations of meat.  The meat was cooked well and had a nice flavor.

Overall, the meal was not bad but I would call this the “golden arches” of the ramen world.  For a quick lunch bite, this can be a way to go.

Ajisen Ramen, Flushing
Pork Dumplings

Ajisen Ramen, Flushing
Tenderous Rib Ramen

Ajisen Ramen, Flushing
Beef SukiYaki Ramen

Ajisen Ramen, Flushing
Inside Sign

Ajisen Ramen, Flushing
Another Sign

Ajisen Ramen, Flushing
View of the kitchen

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