Zaitzeff Review

Posted by Scott on June 24th, 2008


Rating: 3.5 paws out of 5
Spent: $15 per person
Chain: No
Date Friendly: Yes
Note: No pickles, but features Kobe Beef
72 Nassau Street, New York, NY 10038

The Hungry Ferret heard of a place where the burgers are made fresh with high quality Nebraskian Kobe style beef. With that type of word on the street, how can the Hungry Ferret not want to investigate this Japanese American fusion.


Kobe style beef involves the Japanese Tradition of raising the Wagyu cow (in Japanese Wagyu means, Japanese Cow). The Wagyu cow in the United States is actually a crossbred of the Wagyu and Angus breeds.

The methods of raising the cow in the United States mimics the methods of Japan. They are fed high quality grains. Some receive daily offerings of beer, sake mash and massages to loosen the muscles. So what does all this effort get you, cuts of meat that are extremely well marbled and tender. But forewarn, because of the high fat content you can easily overcook the meat. Fat melts and when it does you get fatless meat which equal a bad piece of meat.

The 1/4 pound Kobe Beef Burger was served on a Portuguese Bun with lettuce, tomatoes, and sautéed onions. The burger was done medium with a nice pink inside. The burger was extremely juicy and tender. The meat thickness was also correct. The thi gives you the opportunity to taste the meat.

1/4 pound Sirloin Beef Burger is definitely not in the shadows of the Kobe Beef Burger. The sirloin is ground fresh daily from cows on a high quality grass fed diet. The sirloin is not as juicy as the Kobe Beef burger but it makes up for it in its stronger beef flavor.

The sweet potato and potato french fries are hand cut and fried in cast iron pans. Hand cut fries taste the best because the flavors are not dulled by the cold freeze. But they may vary to the age of the potato, often restaurants have to struggle to keep the quality of potato consistent.

Kobe Beef Burger

Sirloin Burger

Mix Sweet Potato and Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries

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