Stella Maris Review

Posted by Scott on June 17th, 2008

Stella Maris

Rating: 1 paw out of 5
Spent: $35 per person
Chain: No
Date Friendly: Yes
Note: Good selection of beer
213 Front St, New York 10038
Btwn Beekman St & Peck Slip

While walking through the docks of the South Street Seaport, the Hungry Ferret stumbled upon this hip looking bar. With a very empty stomach the Hungry Ferret decided to pull into the port of this Irish bar and see if anything worth looking at through the beer goggles.

Normally I do not comment about the service of a place, but this place was very slow. I was warned about the slowness of the kitchen by the wait staff, but it was ridiculously slow. It had taken close to 1 hour before the first entree was served. Also all the food didn’t come out at once, there was a table of 5 and it took about 15 minutes to have all the guests plated. It would be partly understandable if the restaurant was very busy, but it was half empty. Also they did not provide coasters or a table cloth. After going to this restaurant I discovered why all other restaurants did this. It was to keep the condensation from your frosty beverage from spilling all over the table or your lap.

For the appetizer the Cheese Platter and Olives plate was ordered. These items generally was good. Nothing special nor nothing bad about them. The olives was in a seasoned olive oil and the cheese platter consisted of fruit spread, walnuts, apple slices, and various soft / hard cheeses. The bread was very tasty, it contained fruit and nuts.

The Ratatouille was good, the vegetables and cheeses had a very fresh taste. Stella Maris version is very similar to the Disney Pixar Ratatouille movie. Traditionally it is more of a chunky vegetable stew. Instead Stella Maris had it layered similar to a vegetable lasagna but without the pasta.

Deep Sea diver Scallops with risotto, the portion was disappointing. Three large scallops and small scoop of risotto didn’t seems enough for a person. It seems more of a dish for an appetizer or tappas bar dish. The scallops were well seasoned with salt and pepper, but the risotto was a bit bland.

Braised Beef Short ribs was very tender but the mustard sauce was too strong. The mustard was a bit bitter and completely covered the taste of the meat. The mash potato was also very watery. The mash potato was also very bland in taste. It was probably done intentionally to balance out the strong flavors of the dish but was not well executed.

Stella Maris

Stella Maris

Stella Maris

Stella Maris
Deep Sea diver Scallops with risotto

Stella Maris
Braised Beef Short rib

Stella Maris

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