Woo Chon Korean BBQ

Posted by Scott on May 30th, 2008

Woo Chon Korean BBQ
Rating: 3 paws out of 5
Spent: $25 per person
Chain: No
Date Friendly: Yes
Note: Billy Joel ate here and I think left a good tip.
4119 Kissena Blvd, Flushing, NY 11355
(718) 463-0803

In Korean BBQ Tradition you get lots of appetizers to munch on while waiting for your grill to get prepped for the meat. The Hungry Ferret doesn’t shy away from free tasty appetizers and will wait patiently for a tasty meal.

An order of Prime Beef Short Rib (Gal bi Gui) was sent to the kitchen and we waited for the food to start rolling in. This Korean style cut of meat is basically beef ribs that have been sliced crosswise instead of the traditional American style ribs cut. In this cut you would get slices of bone instead of bone sticks. To get this grilled at the table you have to order two orders of a BBQ dish.

The meat was well marinated and flavorful with the extra sauces that gave you. You normally would wrap a piece lettuce with BBQ meat, bean curd paste, scallion / green onion salad. This combination would make the meat more savory / juicy than usually. The only issue is that they switched from charcoal to table top portable burner. I believe the portable burner was not able to produce a high enough heat to give it the special Korean bbq flavor.

The Kim Chi (spicy pickled cabbage) was very good. The seasoning and spiciness was up to par of a good Korean Kim Chi. The sides very good due to the number of them, there was a something for everybody type of deal.

Woo Chon Korean BBQ
Korean style mini Vegetable pancakes

Woo Chon Korean BBQ
Kim Chi – Spicy Pickled Cabbage

Woo Chon Korean BBQ
Table side grill

Woo Chon Korean BBQ
Prime Beef Short Rib – Gal bi Gui

Woo Chon Korean BBQ
Lettuce Wrap we made from the beef

Woo Chon Korean BBQ
Soft Tofu with Pork in Heated stone Bowl

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